Posted by: Go Dog Go! | December 31, 2009

The Decade’s Best Albums

1. Sigur Rós: Med ud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust [XL] (2008)

Just as I was getting bored with Sigur Ros, they hit with this ethereal gem of pure melodic-pop-pleasentry. There is nothing amateur about this band and this album is their most recent in a line well-orchastrated, monumental albums.

After being re-introduced to Med ud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust, after months of neglect, it immediately skyrocketed to the top of this list. With it’s exploding sounds and cascading rhythms, the album never lets down, and crosses boundaries much like its controversial album cover. As if they’re lifting the middle finger to all the corporate meat heads who think they have the right idea of what rock music should sound like. The result is a collection of songs that give pop music a good name and Sigur Ros has never sounded better. I can’t wait to hear what’s next. Which should be soon. I hear next fall.

2. Modest Mouse: Everywhere and His Nasty Parlor Tricks [Epic] (2001)

Say what you will about Modest Mouse. I will probably disagree with you. No. I don’t think everything released since The Moon and Antarctica has sucked and. No. I don’t care if Isaac Brock is a huge prick. As long as he keeps producing MM jams for years to come, he can piss as many people off as he wants. My number two pick, a combo of, A Night in the Sun EP and a few unreleased tracks from The Moon…, …His Nasty Parlor Tricks may not even be the best album of their career, but I think it’s still one of the most cohesive unit of tracks laid down this decade. Short and sweet and just give it a listen.

3. Cursive: The Ugly Organ [Saddle Creek] (2002)

Cursive’s popularity blew through the underground cellar and actually started walking the streets after …Organ was released. They included a celloist on this album, which may have been the difference, but have since moved onto strings. The Omaha (Whoop! Whoop!) based group may not have opened the door to making conceptualized albums, but they sure have perfected it. Every release since 2000’s Domestica have been of the concept variety in the realm of Religion, Divorce, Sex and pretty much everything else discussed in theology class. As it so happens, their two efforts since haven’t quite lived up to The Ugly… I say it’s a direct result of losing the cello.

4. Ween: White Pepper [Elektra] (2000)

The title of Ween’s seventh full length album is said to be a tribute to two Beatles albums; Sgt. Peppers and The White Album. White Pepper is by far Ween’s most polished pop driven record. Ween may be one of the most impressive acts in the past 20 years, accumulating a jam-band-fan cult following, all while not being a jam band. Most of whom would call this album a step down, or ‘too soft’, compared to Ween’s previous six releases. White Pepper is their most enjoyable production of earth-grounded tunes. You may not even need to be on drugs to appreciate Bananas and Blow and Back to Basom. Oh, and they melt faces live!

5. Grizzly Bear: Veckatimest [Warp] (2009)

If you aren’t familiar with Brooklyn’s indie darlings Grizzly Bear, I suggest you prime in to what they have to offer (Clings, Clashes and Bangs). Having first learned of GBear in 2006 following their sophomore release, Yellow House, I was impressed, but soon after they fell off my radar. Veckatimest, named after an Isle off New England’s Massachusetts shore, where both it and Yellow House were recorded, had a vastly different effect. My love for its infectious sounds grew greater after every repeated listen. I couldn’t stop. Who could argue against a band where all four members share vocal responsibilities and just so happen to make the Beach Boys sound like tired choir boys. A pure listening joy. If it doesn’t grab you at first, play it again. Veckatimest, while appearing fifth on this list, is easily my #1 album of 2009.

Rounding out the top 10:

6. The Black Keys: Attack and Release [Nonesuch] (2008)

7. Aesop Rock: None Shall Pass [Definitive Jux] (2007)

8. Starfucker: Starfucker [Badman] (2008)

9. Sonic Youth: Rather Ripped [Geffen] (2006)

10. Arcade Fire: Funeral [Merge] (2004)



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