Posted by: Go Dog Go! | September 3, 2009

College Football fanship; addicted to a failed system

Finally, College Football is here. We await no longer.

And what a way to kick off the season. Boise State v. Oregon. The team with the ugliest uniforms battles the team with the ugliest turf. Papa Smurf would be proud.

Will this season mean anything to teams other than Florida and Oklahoma or Texas. Seriously, does anyone else have a shot? Does parody exist anymore? Let’s hope.

Some things never change; the big name teams will always get the talent, muscle and speed, while the Boise State’s of the system rely on hearts and smarts and the underdog fan base. Notre Dame will still have trouble competing with mediocre teams while claiming a tough schedule is the reason. The Big 12 north will suck something fierce, again. Lou Holtz will spit all over the tv screen. The Heisman will be based on a one game performance rather than a season long achievement. And the BCS will prove, once again, a failure that it is the worst system in sports history. And everyone will bitch about it, again.

Let’s have a good season! Cheers! Go Dog Go…


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