Posted by: Go Dog Go! | July 27, 2009

It’s Hot! It’s Damn Hot!

It’s hot in Portland.  I should be accustomed to this as I am from a land where the percentage of humidity is usually equal to the temperature on a hot day.  Where 95 degrees feels like 115.  Where the AC in the car just never reaches cold.  Where you have to peel the t-shirt off your back.  Portland, however isn’t too effected by the humidity factor, so it’s far more bearable.  Portlanders are so lucky with such mild weather.  So many other places deal with this weather on the daily and these whiny pdx-ers think we’re all gonna melt.  Settle down Portland.  Drink your water and enjoy the water.  This is the bridge city for a reason, we’ve got rivers… go jump in one.   Go Dog Go!



  1. But we don’t have A/Cs whereas the hot part of the country does!

    I love the masthead image! Where did you take that?

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